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Lucinda Breeding
Get blocked: Mind that summer sun

Get blocked: Mind that summer sun

Denton resident Scott Campbell was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in his 20s, and his prognosis was grim. Now he urges people to be mindful of the searing Texas sun.

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Staff report
Vouchers are available for family caregivers to hire help

Vouchers are available for family caregivers to hire help

A new program, available through Sept. 29 by the North Central Texas Aging and Disability Resource Center, reimburses qualifying caregivers who hire temporary help because of urgent circumstances, such as illness or reduced availability.

Quickly reporting cancer side effects may boost survival

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Marilynn Marchione

CHICAGO -- If you're being treated for cancer, speak up about any side effects. A study that had patients use home computers to report symptoms like nausea and fatigue surprisingly improved survival -- by almost half a year, longer than many new cancer drugs do.

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Poll: GOP health bill a far cry from Trump promises

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Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump has called the House-passed health care bill a "great plan," but a new poll finds that 3 out of 4 people in the United States do not believe it fulfills most of his promises.

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Bob Moos: Make the most of Medicare's drug coverage

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Bob Moos

Medicare offers prescription drug coverage to everyone with Medicare. It's a good deal. Medicare subsidizes the outpatient drug benefit, generally paying about 75 percent of the program's costs. Unless you already have comparable drug coverage through another source, you should consider getting it when you sign up for Medicare's health care coverage at 65.